HOW to Create New Money Beliefs !


There is a famous adage that says, “What you think you become.” It suggests that the thoughts we allow to exist in our minds can help us on our journey to improvement and progress. Similarly, negative thoughts can be obstacles that can keep us from moving forward.
On day 1, you identified limiting beliefs that might stop you from realizing your true potential when it comes to personal finance management. If you keep telling yourself that you don’t have enough money or can’t be financially responsible, one way or another this will become your truth.
Today, I want you to transform those statements into a more positive outlook. From this point on, you need to trust that you—and your beliefs and your reality—can change.
Switching a negative belief into a positive one isn’t simple, so let’s take small steps by rewriting the statements a little at a time, until after 5-8 steps you’ve created a positive affirmation.

Moving through the sequence from negative to positive belief becomes a lot easier in this way, as you can see here:


I’ve never been good with money can become:
I’ve not yet been good with money.
I can learn to be good with money.
I want to and will be good with money.
I have started learning about how to be better with money.

I am starting to get better with money.
I am good with money.
I am great with money.
I’m always drowning in debt can become:
I’m always drowning in debt—but that will change starting today.
I’m always drowning in debt, but I am taking action.
I’m always drowning in debt, but I’ve already started paying things off.
I used to drown in debt, but I have paid off one debt completely.
I used to drown in debt, but I am now on my way to a debt-free life.
I used to drown in debt, but I am now debt-free.
These statement transformations are personal, and you can decide where to take each one. There is no one correct positive progression for each statement. As everybody’s journey is different, the process of rewriting the statements is a very personal experience.
As you move from negative to more positive, your aim is to find the tipping point: the place just beyond your current level of comfort. That statement will be the one to turn into your new truth or affirmation.

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