We’ve talked about it briefly already, but buckle up, you guys—this is where the sacrifice comes into play. I’m not going to candy it for you: destroying your debt is going to be complicated. You’re going to have to go without a few stuff for a while—even if you want that stuff. Your lifestyle is going to have to change. By now, you’ve realized there’s just no quick and easy way to pay off your loans, and a huge part of crushing your debt as fast as possible involves making some extra money and sacrificing some of your time.

But the good news is, this season won’t last forever. And if you’ll get really intense about paying off your loans now, you’ll be able to reap the rewards way sooner. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of aware that you did what everyone else told you was impossible.

So here we go. Here are few of the best ways to stack that cash!

Get Another Job (or Two or Three)

 If your biggest problem is income, collect a part-time job or side hustle on nights and weekends that can help you get that money quickly. Then, toss that cash directly at your debt. There are a ton of side-hustle options out there.

Here are a few of them:


  •  Drive for Uber or Lyft
  •  Pet-sit or walk dogs (There’s a great app called Rover that helps you find
  •  people who’ll hire you to do both of those things.)
  •  House-sit
  •  Babysit or nanny
  •  Tutor kids
  •  Deliver food (through Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, etc.)
  •  Deliver groceries (through Instacart or Shipt)
  •  Start a business selling baked goods
  •  Clean and/or organize homes
  •  Offer lawn care services
  •  Be a personal assistant for a busy mom
  •  Sell your creative products on Etsy
  •  Do odd jobs, repairs, or maintenance
  •  Deliver for Amazon
  •  Become a photographer
  •  Offer lessons or classes in something you’re good at
  •  Rent out your house (or a room in your house) with Airbnb
  •  Be a freelance writer or proofreader if you’ve got the skills
  •  Be a notary public (You’ll need to get a license for this.)

One more option that doesn’t exactly fit in the side-hustle category: ask for a raise. This one takes guts, but it could make a huge difference in your loan payments. Just make sure you’ve been going above and beyond in your job and helping your company win. That way, you can back up your request with straight facts about your performance. The more financial value you bring to the table, the more likely your leader will be to give a raise some serious thought.

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